Waste Water Treatment Equipments

Plate Diffuser

Aquaflex Membrane Diffusers feature an unique, patented design for fine bubble aeration. The diffusers assembly is so easy and available with all connections to the pipelines (click). High Technology AQUAFLEX diffusers are cost effective designed, low installation costs & reliable

Product Features;

  • % 30 Glass fibers reinforced polypropylene body plate and ring for maximum chemical, temperature and UV resistance.
  • High oxygen transfer efficiency, Low pressure Loss.
  • Creating minimum sized fine bubbles less then 2mm.
  • Energy efficiency. This is the most important features of the products since analysis of wastewater treatment plant costs shows that aeration accounts for %50 to %80 of the overall plant operating budget.
  • Available with different outlets so it gives a chance to use existing connection equipment but only revisal of diffuser.
  • Different Standard and special membrane materials specially engineered for a wide spectrum of applications. (click)

-EPDM: Municipal wastewater, Food/Beverage, Beer wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, textile ,urban domestic sewage….

-Silicone: Pulp and paper industry, petrochemical, refining processes, animal processing.(Different Colors available as well.

Plate Diffuser
Type(Model Code) Height or Total Dia. (mm) Dia or Length Total/Effective(mm) Perforated Area (m2) Capacity (m3/h) Material of Membrane Total Weight (Kg) Outlet
ADD 650 Plate Diffuser 61 170/670 0.10 2-16 EPDM/Silicone 0.60 1’’-Special O ring for Box Profile