Waste Water Treatment Equipments


How should I choose the membrane material for my diffuser?

Here is the answer; the membrane selection is an important phase of the aeration and Aquaflex provides its partners 3 main different solutions. Properly engineered Aqua flex EPDM membranes are proper choice for almost all applications. Only occasional special or severe service applications may justify the consideration of high cost coated membranes or special polymer solutions. Firstly we need to understand the nature of the raw materials.

EPDM is a synthetic rubber which is custom molded for this application.The compound formulation and molding technique are critical to ensure that the membrane maintains its physical properties over a long period of time, resists tearing, retains its shape even after years of continuous or cyclical use, and produces fine bubble , all at a minimal head pressure.

Our EPDM membranes are field tested in municipal and industrial applications with excellent results. Standard EPDM is not recommended in cases where solventsifats oils or greases, or high concentrations of other foul ants are present. Membrane is field tested in municipal and industrial applications with excellent results.

Viton:This material is a special material however it is very costly to use. Also the result is also very high regarding the resistant to most foul ants and chemicals. So budget constraints should not be a concern. Technologies on special order for extreme or very special duty. Cost for specialty engineered polymer membranes is significantly greater than premium EPDM .

Silicone: Aquaflex does produce silicone disc and tube diffusers. The silicone is not suited to cyclical operations, and neither offers a cost benefit over fluoroelastomer layered EPDM .

Other: If you could turn back to us with all sewerage water values .Chemicals in it and the rates of it .We are able to provide you a special formula and component.