Aquaflex is as always ready to be your solution partner .Aquaflex is not only a manufacturer & producer equipment but also solution oriented partner.For this purpose we creadted “Ready for Montage” tool. What this package includes?

  • All pipeline of you aeration pool is sized according to your pool diamentions.
  • For creating the loops elbows and T connection of the pipeline system , montaged with high quality U-PVC(We use only PN10 or PN 16 bar resistance U-Pvc) gum in our factory .
  • Pipes are drilled suitable for PP Saddles according to precalculated distances.
  • PP Saddles are montaged in our factory.
  • High efficiency at service and back wash.
  • U-PVC Flange adaptors montaged on the out let of the pool so that ready to make connection to the valves.

Extra Works for stainless steel pipeline systems;

  • Same procedure is applied however this time we use TIG welding for connection of the outlets to the pipeline .
  • Outlets have two option as Standard ¾” or 1” .
  • All materials AISI 304 or AISI 316 according the technical specifications.



  • Avoiding heavy Works in the area.
  • Less cost fort he construction companies.(Less labor is needed to handle the rest of the job)
  • Pure good quality of connection equipment.