Drinking Water Treatment Equipments

Aquaflex Filter Nozzles

AQUAFLEX nozzles are active in (sand/anthracite/activated carbon/ion Exchange resin) or beton (fast sand filters) and can be used for all filters and in drainage systems.

Filter nozzles can be produced different products such as; PP, GFR30, PVDF, ABS and POM depends on intended use.

Aquaflex nozzles have, proper slots (between 0,2mm and 5mm), and by dint of advanced manufacturing technology, it has perfect finish quality. Moreover with its patented special design provides many advantages;

Deciding of true Nozzle brand will procure users the following advantages,

  • Working pressure is 2.5 bars up to 10 bars.
  • Superior resistance against chemicals
  • Minimum pressure loss.
  • Maximum filtration speed.
  • High efficiency at service and back wash.
  • Homogenous water distribution inside the nozzles
  • Cost effective and maintenance free for years.


Food quality and safety nozzles;

Aquaflex nozzles are used in the water including acid, caustic, ammonia, formaldehyde, ozone etc. Depending on the usage of raw material mentioned above; nozzles can be endured up to water temperature of 135 C°.

Aquaflex Nozzles are proved that are food quality and safety .Our brand is certificated KTW & TZW for its seals.

And of course Aquaflex is a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificated brand

Raw material:

You as a user need to know the component of the nozzles. In which temperature, how resistance is it? We are here to help you with our experienced team. Standard application: Polypropylene (PP) Hot water: %30 fibre glass supported polypropylene (GFR30)

Pure water and high temperature: PVDF

Stick on models: ABS and PVC if your application model will be sticked then this type of component are useful.