Drinking Water Treatment Equipments

Aquaflex Filter Nozzles

Fixing nuts: Available for any thread and material .Screw anchors for plates and pipe . Screw Anchors: Expanding Bolts: Suitable for small size filters with access to the lower side of the nozzles plate not available. Sleeves for Concrete plates: Suitable for installation of nozzles in concrete plates of gravity filters.

Open filters: In an open-atmosphere sand filter , nozzles are positioned on the beton plate. Remarkable points: Right decision about ,Nozzle type , size of proper slots, nozzles raw material, beton plate thickness, nozzle length, nozzle quantity are very important to gain the maximum filtering. Consequences of wrong decision: In the case that is chosen wrong size of proper slots; slots are bunged up & filtration speed decreases. Under length nozzles or over length nozzles are cause; under neck of the nozzles there are slots and wrong sizing is causes this slots to be out of the airbed to sum up back wash can not be equivalent in every place of the zone .And this effects the back wash process negatively. On the other hand the correct selection of the nozzles according above mentioned criteria’s. There will be no place for unnecessary pomp usage & energy costs, revisal of the nozzles every year, or extra expenses. And also very important point is that the beton plate must be flat & smooth

Pressure Filters:

Resin, Sand, active carbon nozzles are positioned on Stainless steel or ebonite coated plates. In the case the water which feeds on the filters oil does not diffuse homogeneous canalizations occur. As a consequence of this; sand filter out flow water quality decreases. And in the ion Exchange resin column’s, some of the water’s ion exchange process does not actualize that again outflow water parameters gives bad results. In ion Exchange resins distributing of the filter oil to the rejenerant; nozzles plays an important role.


As much as the number of the nozzles importance and the placement on to the plate sheet, type of the nozzles are also very important. When the nozzles slots are equivalently sized, these protect it from being bunged up or leakages, pressure loss. Correct selection of the nozzles size and quantity increase the pressure and efficiency, decreases the expenses Randomly choiced nozzles are forced to be deformed during the back wash flow stage or may be dislocate. During that time liters of filter material will be loosed, leaked and filtration performance will decrease

Aquaflex Nozzles are proved that are food quality and safety .Our brand is certificated KTW & TZW for its seals.

And of course Aquaflex is a DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 certificated brand